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5 stars for Legednary

YEEAAHHH #LEGENDARY just got a new 5 star review!
SO excited when I read this one this morning!
Thanks so much Ariel! @BookTrippin

Here are some of my favorite parts from Ariel’s review!

First off, I have to say, Knights at the round table, King Arthur, Avalon.. what?! I am so excited I can’t even stand myself! Just reading the prologue…

"So it begins." The queen departed for the mortal realm, a cunning smirk on her lips, satisfaction bright on her face."

I mean that alone, right there just really catches my fancy…”

My favorite character would have to be Wade..or maybe it would Dagg. Ok, so I’m torn between the two.”

"Throughout the book I thought of Chris Hemsworth in Thor as Galahad. This quote especially: 

"What kind of magic is this?" he asked Daggerhorne.
Aliana answered, “It’s not magic. It’s technology. You’ll get used to it.”—funny enough, I imagine Chris’s younger brother Liam as Galahad! Yummy

"Another character I’m really excited to get to know is Mordrid. Oh honey! LH could not have made a better villian! He has that mysterious, tall, dark, and handsome thing going for him! I’ve always had a soft spot for the "bad boy" though. I’ll be excited to see what’s in store for Mordrid in the upcoming novels. I want to know more! AHH!!!"

For the full story on this see my blog post <—AKA click there!

I think my love of everything sweet is why I chose to specialize in Baking and Pastry Arts in school. Great fun food, bright colors, and SO MUCH of pastry is art. And I am all about the artistic—-“Jack of many arts” as I call myself.

With that said, as I was working my way up the chain of command, in the many kitchens and companies I worked for, I was exposed to a LOT of cool recipes, ideas, ways of thinking and just flat out cool things. Also, many of the places I lived had local shops that made their own taffy, pralines, chocolate, bon bon’s and so on. It wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I got the chance to really dive into my creativeness, since I was a newly promoted Pastry Chef! Yes, they actually trusted me with my own little pastry area and a team! Many what a blast! I had so many different things I wanted to do, but two of the highest priorities on my list was to make the perfect marshmallows and macarons. 

So, with those goals in mind I had my course. Imagine my surprise when I didn’t get it perfect with the first recipe I used……. o_0  YEAH…..I ended up with a very loose blob of stickiness all over my marble table. My Exec Chef was trying not to laugh too loudly. Thanks for the support Levi! ;P But I didn’t give up and I tried many different recipes and ended up creating my own from the mix—And I’ve been told repeatedly from guests that my marshmallows were the best they’ve had! Not to brag or anything (darn right I’ll toot my own horn, I worked HARD to get this $h!T just right.) I’ll spare you all the technical details, but I ended up breaking up 5 recipes into percentages of each ingredient and put together MY recipe, which I happily share with you.

Marshmallows by LH
20 sheets gelatin or 1 oz gelatin powder
Bloom in VERY cold water (add a little ice if using sheets) —If using sheets of gelatin, you don’t need to measure your water amount, just have enough to cover the gelatin. If you are using the powder gelatin follow the bloom  instructions on the package
20 ½ ounces sugar
8 ½ ounces water
7 ¾ ounces honey
12 ¾ ounces glucose—or switch out for corn syrup
Place all ingredients in pot and cook to 248 degrees
Pull off the stove let cool to 215 degrees in your small mixing bowl
flavoring—you can use ALMOST any kind of flavoring or jam or even purred fruit as flavorings. I recommend using candy flavorings, which you can buy at any Michael’s stores or cake&candy store or Sur La Table. They come in many different flavors and a little goes a long way!
Food color—powder colors give you strong pigments, but gel colors work best, and you can find liquid colors in the grocery store. Again, a little goes a long way
Mix gelatin into hot sugar mix until all dissolved
Put on the mixer and let whip till stiff-ish peaks form. (you can add in your coloring at this point)
Once done spread into a pan lined all the way up the edges with wax paper or plastic wrap dusted with marshmallow snow (50/50 mix of powder sugar and corn starch)
Level out (use pan spray on your spatula to keep the mix from sticking because it is one clingy-gooie mess of yumminess!) then sprinkle heavily with marshmallow snow

ATO-Gordon Rottman

Hey Lovelies! It’s Tuesday again and that means time for another Author Takeover—AKA my ATO!

Gordon Rottman is here today with a cool author interview so take it away my friend!

  • What were the challenges (research, literary, psychological, and logistical) in bringing your book to life?

–The individual challenges were not all that difficult, but collectively it was quite an effort to mesh it all…

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THE BIG NEWS FROM EARLIER TODAY!! All announced at Viz Media’s Official Sailor Moon Panel at Anime Expo!!

Yes, this is UNCUT. No gender swapping, no changing relationships - EVERYTHING IS ACCURATE TO THE ORIGINAL JAPANESE RELEASE.

For more information, check out Anime News Network article here.

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YYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I will totally be pre ordering this!!!!